A Razor's Ruby

She welcomes you with a smile.... or is it a smirk,

You can't tell if its warm & welcoming or dark & devious
Take a seat in her red leather chair where she does her work,

She sizes up your neckline, or is it your jugular,
A warm moist towel is draped over your face
You see through imagination and thoughts most secular.

You hear the strokes of the strop that end in a 'ting',
You feel her reach over your head to grab her next instrument
You startle and flinch, convincingly she says, “you wont feel a thing”. You gather yourself knowing you cant respond that way during the shave,
You recognize the sound of a brush agitating contents in a bowl,

Instincts scream from your soul to bail, but you surrender and cave.

All of sudden a burst of olfactory suicide led with notes of Bergamot and Neroli,

Nutmeg, Cardamon, Jasmine, soften and round out the experience,

Ending with familiar notes of Vetiver, Amber, and Patchouli.

Familiar scents that put you at ease and the towel is off, now you can see,
She's towering over you painting a lather while wielding a razor,
Meet Razor Ruby, catalyst to your dreams and nightmares to be.

Will the shave end with a warm shower of blood that drips down to your knees,

or will she take kindly to you and finish with her favorite post-shave,
Razor Ruby decides if today she covers her razor with rubies. -XD

Xicano_Design and First Line Shave  are proud to reveal Razor Ruby. The scent inspired by Xerjoff's Nio. Shave soap, Aftershave, EDP and 7 numbered Grizzly Bay Brushes with a custom Razor Ruby coin will be available. Release date is October 3rd only at Firstlineshave.com 
Scent notes.
Top- Green notes, Bergamot and Neroli 
Middle - Nutmeg, Cardamon, Pink Pepper, and Jasmine 
Base - Vetiver, Patchouli, Woodsy notes and Amber