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Kituwah Aftershave 4 oz

Kituwah Aftershave 4 oz


In the Beginning...the world was dark. As the sun set, only the celestials casted light. With a spark, the Cherokee people, gathered around a sacred mound, were handed down fire from the Creator more than 10,000 years ago. The people and their core beliefs were transformed, forever. This sacred Cherokee mother town, where this gift of the Sacred Fire and its knowledge were handed down, is known as Kituwah (pronounced: Key-Two-uh). Kituwah is the combination of two Cherokee words meaning 'earth/soil' and 'of the Creator'. It is one of the most sacred locations to the Nation. It is where the Sacred Fire, an earthly representative of the sun and the principal symbol of purity, was handed down. The word 'Cherokee' itself is thought to mean 'possessors of the divine fire'. This fire's flame has burned eternal for thousands of years. Through fire, the land can be torn down to give birth to new life. Fire traps evil protecting us as we walk through its flames in the face of challenges and adversities both physically and mentally. It is this reason the great Phoenix, a spirit bird of living and continually renewing flame, is revered by the Cherokee. Fire is central to the great ceremonies ending with all night dance in aspiration of continued wisdom and transformation by its flames. About the scent Kituwah is a powerful cologne based scent symbolic of the lighting of the sacred mound. The scent settles as the fire heats the earth, wood and soul opening the way for rebirth and transformation. It is dedicated to those who dare to rip everything down and begin again, for those who challenge the status quo and are willing to transform, and to provide courage and protection to those who walk through fire on this journey. We hope Kituwah ignites your spirit and protects you on your transformational journey.


4 oz Aftershave


Top Notes: Blood Orange, Raspberry, Saffron, Black & Pink Pepper, Thyme and Spices Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Lavender, Jasmine and Olibanum Base Notes: Leather, Sandalwood, Suede, Benzoin

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